Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama Hides Behind YouTube Video

Obama and his people desperately want you to think that the only reason that the Middle East and North Africa are in flames is because of a YouTube video that insults Mohammed.

However, the actions of the rioters belie this fact.  There are no signs being carried around calling for the death of the people who made the film or expressed anger against YouTube.  Instead, the chants are for death to the United States and death to Obama.  Effigies and posters of Obama are being displayed in the streets.  They are burning our flags and putting the black flag of Al Qaeda atop our Embassies that were stormed.

Even the timeline surrounding the release of the video doesn't match with what actually happened on 9/11 of this year.  The full-length video was actually previewed twice in Hollywood in June. In July, the 13 minute trailer, translated into Arabic, was put up on YouTube.  Yet, somehow, we are now supposed to believe that there was this delayed reaction to the video; all spontaneously culminating on 9/11.  Then, there are reports that the Obama Administration had advance notice of the rioting; three days before the 9/11 attack on our Libyan compound and that Obama's State Department did nothing to protect our Ambassador and his staff.  By the way.  Advance notice hardly supports the spontaneity claim by Obama.

The last time a U.S. Ambassador was killed was when Jimmy Carter was President.  The parallels with Carter's weaknesses in dealing with the Middle East and this President are just too strikingly similar.  If you cater to violent extremists, you will be seen by them as being weak, and, the result is what we are seeing right now.  We are seeing a reaction to a failed foreign policy and not some poorly produced video on YouTube.  Just the opposite of what Obama is trying to sell us.

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