Friday, September 14, 2012

The Media Placed Romney In A Catch 22 Position On Embassy Attacks

Immediately after Romney criticized the U.S. Embassy officials in Cairo for putting out a statement that apologized to the Muslims for America's belief in freedom of speech, the media pounced; saying that Romney had jumped the gun and had politicized a crisis situation.

But, I guarantee you that if Romney hadn't spoken, the media would have charred him for his lack of concern and, more probably, his lack of foreign policy experience.  Either way, the media was out to get Romney and elevate Obama in the process.

One last thing.  An apology is an admission of guilt and that Embassy apology may have actually inflamed the situation further. The U.S. should never issue an apology unless some "official" action, in violation of our principals, necessitated it.  Romney was right to criticize the apology.

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