Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama's War On Woman Theme Loses Steam

According to the Democrats and President Obama, the GOP is waging a war on women.  So, for the last four months, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee have constantly tried to hammer that message home with millions upon millions of dollars worth of campaign ads, and through numerous interviews.  Unfortunately for Obama, this supposed campaign on behalf of women has actually backfired.  In a recent ABC/Washington Post poll, women's preference for Obama over Romney is now down to a 6 point spread; less than the 7 point spread that handed Reagan the win over Jimmy Carter.  Well down by the 13 point margin that gave Obama his win over McCain. What's worse, in the Spring, the President had a favorable versus unfavorable approval among women of 57% to 39%; respectively.  That same ABC/Post poll now says the numbers have flipped "to the negative" with Obama only getting a 46% approval from women while 50% of are disapproving of his presidency.

This is a big thing, and I believe that the "war on women" campaign actually infuriated some women by implying that their "only" election concerns are reproductive in nature.  I'm quite sure that many found this quite demeaning and a slap against the intelligence of women.  This is more proof that politicians should tread lightly in trying to divide the country along class -- this time gender -- lines.

ABC Polling Commentary:

Gender and Voting Behavior (study results):

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