Friday, April 22, 2016

Democrats Bury Their Racist Past With a $20 Bill

Just recently, the Treasury Department announced that it was replacing Andrew Jackson's face on the twenty dollar bill with that of Harriet Tubman.  It is interesting that it is being done in this, an election year, by a Democrat-run Treasury Department and without any approvals from anyone but themselves and, I suppose, Barack Obama.  In one fell swoop, Democrats have achieved putting a black woman on the old "Jackson" bill.  How's that for currying favor (and votes) from both women and black voters.

It is also interesting that this Democrat Treasury would chose to give Jackson, a former President, the boot rather than remove some other non-President like Hamilton or Ben Franklin.  Because, you see, it was the philosophy of the Jackson Democracy that ultimately evolved into the Democrat Party.  In fact, the symbol of the party, the donkey, was first used by Jackson.  During the 1828 elections, he was referred to by his opponents as a "Jackass",  and rather than reject that accusation, he decided, instead, to use it as a campaign symbol.

However, I do think that the real reason for replacing Jackson with the black abolitionist Tubman is the fact that this Democrat Treasury could, then, erase a slave-owning Democrat President from constant public view.  You see, Jackson was quite the slaver.  He owned a 1,000 acre plantation known as the Hermitage Plantation that was exclusively maintained, cultivated, and harvested by black slaves made up of men, women, and children.  Not exactly the type of image that the modern Democrat Party needs in their historical background.

So...out of sight, out of mind.  Mission accomplished by our first Black President!  And, it was a mission that had no real basis for needing to be done.  Especially when you consider that, for decades, the name "Jackson" has been the generally accepted slang to mean the $20 bill.  My guess is that slang term will last long after the Tubman image has been replaced on the "twenty and Jackson may never really be erased from people's minds.


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