Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hillary Sure Loves Income Inequality When Fund Raising

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton slam income inequality; with the rich getting richer at a fast rate while the poor and middle class have languished.  But, when Bernie talks income inequality he walks the walk.  Almost all his donations are small and come from  common people who have donated millions to his campaign.   Hillary, on the other hand, utilizes the rich and famous for her donations.

Last weekend, actor George Clooney hosted a $353,000 per couple dinner as a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.  That's the price to be seated at the table with both Clooney, his wife, and Hillary.  However, if you find $353K a little too steep, you can always buy a cheap-seat next to the kitchen for a mere $33,000.

Hillary once complained that there is something wrong when the average CEO makes 300 times what the average worker makes.  However, this false claim has been debunked because the average CEO pay is really about 4-1/5 times the average worker's pay.  The 300 times number, is again,  another of her distortions based on just 350 top-paid CEO's.

But, one thing is sure, $353K for a dinner is more than 6 thousand times more than what you or I would pay at a fine-dining restaurant in America.  That's some real income inequality.  Even the cheap meal at $33K is more than 1100 times what the average, per-person cost would be for you and I.  In response, a supporter of Bernie and a neighbor of the Clooneys threw a $27 per seat meal on his behalf.

I think this "little" gala meal for Hillary disqualifies her from ever flapping her jaw about income inequality and CEO pay.

One more thing.  How is it that Hillary can receive a $353K donation from members of the  Hollywood elite or, even, a $33K donation, when you and I are restricted to a personal maximum of $2700 per election?


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Clooney's neighbor throws Saturday fundraiser for Sanders [$27]:

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