Friday, April 8, 2016

Ted Cruz's False Narrative Regarding Eliminating the IRS

Throughout his campaign, Ted Cruz has continued to say that he will abolish the IRS by having a simple flat tax where you need only file a return in the form of a postcard.  But, what about that "postcard"? Who is going to verify that what you put on it is the truth?  Cruz seems to forget that the administrative task of verification of income is one of the primary functions of the agency.  A flat tax may reduce paperwork, and, as such, reduce some IRS personnel; but some number of people are still going to be needed to process the 236 million postcards that the agency would expect to receive each year. 

Also, the IRS is tasked with collecting all the money. Apparently, Cruz thinks that processing the $2.7 trillion dollars a year, will somehow, magically, be taken care of.  To  say he will abolish the IRS is a bunch of political B.S. from Cruz the "B.S.-er"; or as Trump would say: "Lying Ted".


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