Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Earth Day! China Dumps Wind...Japan Builds Coal Plants!

Once again, the environmental activists around the world got their Earth Day on April 22.  Speeches were given. Trees were planted. But, this year, something special happened.  175 nations signed the Paris Climate Agreement on that day.... So, ah yes, the earth will be saved.

The only problem with the so called non-binding Paris Climate Agreement is that it is already being "unbound" by both China and Japan in massive ways.

China -- the world's largest polluter with CO2 making up nearly a third of the world's carbon emissions and the world's leader in wind power -- has recently decided to pull the plug on wind power expansion.  The reason?  Too much of the power is wasted and wind variability is causing damage to the electrical grid because of surging.  So, we have to assume that China -- who already brings a new coal fired plant online every 7 to 10 days -- will have to step that rate up in order meet its rapidly growing demand for electricity.

Japan, too, is bringing 43 new coal plants online because, following the Fukushima
accident, it is shutting down its nuclear plants and replacing them with coal.  Apparently, wind and solar were not an option.  Probably for economic reasons.

In my opinion, Japan and China are demonstrating how flawed the push towards renewable sources of energy is.  In the U.S., we have an Ivanpah solar power plant in California which -- at a cost of $2.2 billion -- is a failure.  Unable, to produce the promised amount of power, it may actually be shutdown if more tax breaks and tax money aren't poured into it.

Simply, neither wind nor solar are sustainable, consistent, and reliable sources of energy.  And, the world's dependence on fossil fuels will never go away.  Earth Day or not.


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