Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary's Humanization of a Fetus Has Planned Parentood in Uproar

Recently, Hillary Clinton referred to a fetus as an unborn child.  For Pro-Choice activists, this was anathema.  For decades, abortion advocates have sold abortion by characterizing a fetus as no more than some type of appendage in a woman's body.  Free for her to dispose of like a tumor.  Therefore, they can easily advocate removing it as "a woman's right to chose".

Now, Hillary, herself a Pro-Choicer, has inadvertently and very publicly humanized the fetus.  A Planned Parenthood executive believes that she has further stigmatized abortion with that comment.  Why?  Because if the truth be told, a fetus is a human and, abortion is the killing of a human.  This is why, in most states, if a fetus dies when a pregnant woman is murdered, it is called fetal homicide.  And, as such, the murderer is often charged with two counts of homicide.


Planned Parenthood Exec Slams Hillary Clinton For Calling A ‘Fetus’ An ‘Unborn Child’:

Fetal Homicide Laws:

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