Tuesday, April 19, 2016

John Kasich is Delusional

To date, there have been 41 contests (primaries, caucuses, and conventions) in the States, territories, and District of Columbia, that awarded delegates for the GOP nomination at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio later this year.  However, in 26 of those contests, John Kasich has walked away with zero delegates, giving him a loss percentage of 63%.  In three of those contests, he only mustered 1 per contest.  After all that, he is still behind Marco Rubio  -- 171 to 143 -- who has been out of the race for weeks.  Furthermore, there aren't enough delegates left for Kasich win the requisite 1237  to win the nomination; especially when you take into account that he usually runs dead last behind Trump and Cruz in most polls for the remaining states.  The only reason he's running in second place in New York is because of Ted Cruz's "New York values" dis at a debate.  Even so, Kasich can only muster 20-22%  compared to 72% for Trump and Cruz combined.

What does this say about someone who still thinks he's going to win the nomination? In my opinion it speaks volumes about his character and mental state.  While I could use a lot of terms to describe Kasich, let's just leave it as delusional.


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