Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Apple's Hubris Leads to Public Embarrasment of iPhone Security

For decades, Apple Computer's main source of pride was its product's security.  First, it was the Mac's that seemed impervious to viruses that often plagued IBM PC's.  In the latest iteration of their vaunted security and privacy protection, Apple publicly went to war with the FBI over the federal agency's demand that Apple crack the security on an iPhone that was owned by Syed Farook -- the San Bernadino terrorist, and expose its hidden contents.  But, Apple stood firm; even willing to go to federal court to protect the contents of that phone.

However, Apple's stupidity lies in their belief that anything created by them is invincible and can't be cracked.  The publicity over the iPhone battle apparently attracted a third party wanting to prove that the iPhone is vulnerable.  Whether because of pride or for financial reward, someone finally figured out how to hack that phone for the FBI; leaving Apple with a hollow feeling that, at least one party has found a way into its iPhone's security system.  And, if they can do it, others will ultimately prove that they can as well.  If so, the iPhone's security compromise is sure to become widespread and end up in the public domain.

The public fight was sheer tactical stupidity by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.  What he should have done is quietly worked with the FBI -- protected by non-disclosure agreements -- to provide the hidden data on that phone.  Now, Apple owners will never again know if their phone is truly secure.


FBI hacks into terrorist's iPhone without Apple: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2016/03/28/apple-justice-department-farook/82354040/

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