Thursday, December 8, 2016

Conservatives With A Better Understanding Of Science Are Climate Skeptics

From the title of this blog, one might think what is being said is that  "conservatives" have a "better understanding of science" (and math) and are therefore more likely to be "climate skeptics".  But no.  According to research by Dan M. Kahan and Jonathan C. Corbin, conservatives who are open-minded and have a better understanding of math and science, actually results in a "perverse" belief in climate change denial.

This is almost laughable.

Just think about it.  The inverse of what these two researchers are actually saying is that climate alarmists are closed-minded with little understanding of math and science.  Also, it appears that a belief is only "perverse" if it goes against the beliefs of those closed-minded, math and science illiterates.  And, by the way. Who appointed these two researchers as the arbiters of what is "perverse"?

More importantly, the study dispels the claim by Democrats and climate alarmists that conservatives and Republicans are those who don't understand science.  Back in January, Hollywood climate alarmist, Leonardo DiCaprio publicly said this: “Anyone that doesn’t believe that climate change is happening doesn’t believe in science.”  And, many others have said the same thing.  Bernie Sanders said this about Republicans in a Senate committee tirade in early November of this year: "We have an entire political party who is rejecting basic science!"

So, the bottom line is, that the Republicans are better educated in math and science; are too open-minded; and have a perverse belief in climate change denial.  While, on the other hand, people like DiCaprio and Bernie Sanders are closed minded science and math ignoramuses who have an excellent, non-perverted grasp of climate change.   Maybe, Kahan and Corbin should rethink their research findings.



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