Monday, December 19, 2016

Could Some Democrat Electors Vote For Trump?

It is highly possible that the campaign to have Republican electors switch their votes to Hillary may actually backfire.  In fact, some Democrat electors may actually wind up voting for Trump as a result of "voting their own conscience".  Some may actually feel that flooding electors with emails, phone calls, and threats, including death threats, an abhorrent tactic. Added to that you have TV ads by a bunch of Hollywood actors attempting to undermine the electoral process.

Imagine if the situation were reversed and it was the Democrats getting a torrent of calls, e-mails, and threats?  If this campaign to pressure electors is successful, then strong arm tactics will become commonplace in every Presidential election going forward.   I think some Democrat electors will see that possibility, and may end up voting for Trump in order to "spite" and thwart this switch-the-vote campaign.
If so, and Trump gets more than the expected 306 electoral votes, a lot of people will be laughing their behind's off.  Hopefully, this current attempt to reverse the electoral process will end right here.


Video: Republican electors still getting death threats:

GOP electors harassed, threatened as foes maneuver to block Donald Trump:

Celebrities beg electors to be 'heroes' and vote against Trump: Plead with electoral college members to “vote their conscience”:

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