Friday, December 2, 2016

Elizabeth Warren is Delusional

If you listen to this speech on the Senate floor by Elizabeth Warren (the first few minutes of the following video), you would think the Democrats are somehow in the majority:

Warren seems unable to come to grips with the fact that most of the country does not support her or her party.  She seems to think that the fact Hillary Clinton has a 2 million popular vote lead, is somehow, proof that she is in the majority.  However, if you separate out the 2.8 million lead that she  has in California, Trump would win the popular vote.  Trump won the popular vote in three-fifths of the states. California does not represent the nation as a whole.  In the last 8 years, the Democratic party has suffered massive losses both in Washington and across the country (as noted in my two referenced blog entries below).

Elizabeth Warren has proven why America is tired of the Democrat's bulls**t; constantly certain that  they know what is best for the country.


Not able to comprehend that the old guard of the Democratic party has put it in the worst shape in 80 years, the House Democrats have, once again, elected Nancy Pelosi as their Minority Leader:

I don’t want Trump to succeed. I want him to fail spectacularly...What gives me fleeting hope is the knowledge that millions of Americans — a majority even — feel as I do:

Facts Matter: Four Responses to 'Hillary Won the Popular Vote'

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