Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Russian Hack: Obama Orders an Investigation?

There has never been an official CIA or presidential declaration that the Russians were behind the hacking of the DNC and Hillary's Campaign email servers.  Instead, we get a story from the Washington Post that a handful of U.S. Senators were secretly briefed by the CIA and that the hacking was in fact done by the "Russians" at the behest of Vlad Putin to give Trump his win.

So, if the CIA is already sure that the Russians did it, why did Obama publicly order an investigation into the hacking on the very same day that the "Post" reported that fact.  At the same time, he announces that he wants to have the results of that investigation on his desk before he leaves office.  Also, why back in late November, did the White House insist that the hacking didn't sway the election?  These facts alone, call into question the whole Russian-hacking story. Are we dealing with more fake news?  It certainly makes the President look as if he was the last in his administration to know.  Last I heard, the CIA still reports to Obama and he would have been briefed well before a "handful" of senators.  Is it also possible, that it is a "false flag" operation, as claimed by Ambassador John Bolton, and that Obama could be behind the hacking and not the Russians?

One thing is certain.  The DNC and the Hillary campaign emails were hacked because of the lack of strict security on the servers.   Can't blame the Russians for that!


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Bolton: Russian hacks could actually have been by Obama administration: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/john-bolton-russia-hack-a-false-flag-232490

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