Monday, December 5, 2016

Obama Calls for the Control of the Internet and Communications

During a recent press conference with Angela Merkel, President Obama blamed the rise of Trump on the Internet and "communications" (Newspapers? Radio? TV?); claiming that these technologies need to be controlled because they are "disruptive".  Disruptive to who?  Him?  The Democrats?  Or, to those that call themselves globalists, who believe in open borders; a unified world government; and a single global currency?

The fact is, that Obama, once again, wants to control conservative talk.

Of course, he is talking about Fox News. In 2010, he said they had a "destructive" viewpoint.  In May of 2015, at a conference at Georgetown University, when talking about the fact that the media must be controlled, he said this: "I have to say that if you watch Fox News on a regular basis, it is a constant menu -- they will find folks who make me mad..."  Just recently, he went after them again when he claimed that Hillary Clinton's loss was due to the fact that Fox News is in "every bar and restaurant".  Really?.  Most bars I've gone to have sports on, and most restaurants play music, not Fox News.  He really needs to get out more often and see what the real world is like!

I suppose that this blog as well, needs to be controlled.  And, what about talk radio? Also I'm certain that he thinks Brietbart, Mediaite, and a whole host of other conservative websites must be sternly dealt with. In fact, any form of communications that doesn't show Barack Obama in a "good light" should be eradicated; or at least converted to a liberal format.  Since he has been in office, he has used his appointees on the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission to shut down conservative speech of any kind.

But now he's even gotten Facebook and Google involved in limiting free speech.  Both run by Obama and Democratic supporters, they are now in the process of cleansing the internet of supposed false/fake news. The question here is, who elected them the arbitrators of what constitutes fake news.  And, where is the line drawn between opinion pieces and so-called fake news.  Facebook and Google never had a problem allowing searches and stories when Harry Reid falsely claimed that Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years; for which Politifact give dirty Harry a full "pants on fire" rating.

But the media is full of false stories.  Do a Google search on NBC and you will find dozens of occurrences by that supposedly major new agency (and Obama Supporter) selectively editing stories to favor a "Democratic" viewpoint. Then, we have the darling of the liberal left, Katie Couric, who selectively edited a documentary on gun control in order to make gun ownership advocates look like uninformed idiots.

The bottom line is that Obama doesn't really want to control the internet and communications on a fair basis.  He only wants to control those aspects that he doesn't like.  Of course, forget about that little thing called the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech.  Even if it is false.  Look at how many incorrect statements our politicians make.  For example, Obama's "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

Finally, the rise of Donald Trump could best be explained as the country's rejection of excessive "political correctness" which is constantly encouraged by Democrats and by Barack Obama himself.  The President still can't say the words "Islamic Terrorists".   No major media outlet has even reported on Obama calling for the "control" of the Internet and Communications.  That is a type of abuse, in itself?


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