Thursday, December 1, 2016

.Pelosi the Minority Leader, Again?

Not able to comprehend that the old guard of the Democratic party has put it in the worst shape in 80 years, the House Democrats have, once again, elected Nancy Pelosi as their Minority Leader.  Or, to use a sports analogy, they rehired a coach with a zero win record for the last eight years.

It wasn't only Washington that experienced the Republican tsunami over the last eight years, it was a sweeping rejection of the Democratic Party across the entire nation.  Twenty-nine percent of the Democrats in the House of Representatives come from just two states: California and New York.  Add Massachusetts and they are up to 34%; and two-thirds of the Dems in the House come from just 13 states that line our two coasts as noted by the blue states on the following map:

All the white states represent the farmers, blue collar, and manufacturing workers that the Democrats claim they support.  Yet, those people in the so-called fly-over states understand that the Democratic party has forgotten them. That is why the Democrats have literally seen the majority they had in the state legislatures flip since Obama took office and while Pelosi was in charge of the House Democrats:

The simple fact is that the policies of the Democrats of taxing and regulation aren't putting food on people's tables or making "their" lives better.  Former Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, said it best: "All politics is local".  You just can't legislate to satisfy the liberal base in New York and California while ignoring the heartland, where life is much different, and expect to continue to win.  But, the reelection of Pelosi -- a California Democrat -- simply sends the message that the Democrats will continue with more of the same.  To -- I am sure -- the glee of the Republican Party.


Pelosi holds onto leadership:

Source of First Graphic: Rep. Tim Ryan: Republicans Tying Democrats To Pelosi "Sank Us"; "We Are Not A National Party Right Now"

Source of Second Graphic: Dems hit new low in state legislatures:

Nearly one-third of House Democrats are from California and New York:

Republican Party the Strongest It's Been in 80 Years:


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