Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Democrats Plot Past the Electoral College Non-Starter

First, their were the attempted recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, that were intended to swing electoral votes to Hillary Clinton and give her the win. That fell flat when we learned that Wisconsin yielded Trump another162 votes.  In fact, a recount in Detroit that heavily favored Clinton came up with more votes than registered voters.  Once again proving that voter fraud does exist.

Then, there was Plan B: Get the Republican electors to vote their conscience and switch their votes because Trump only won because of the Russians.  Well, that didn't go too well either.  Ultimately more Democratic electors took votes away from Hillary than Republicans did from Trump.  Hillary suffered 5 defections to Trump's 2.

So, what next?

Already, Democrats are plotting to redo the election; citing that the Russians tampered with the election process.  A website "change.org" already has more than 115,000 signatures of the 150,000 needed to petition the White House and the Supreme Court to rerun the election.  However, a well recognized election law professor at University of California-Irvine by the name of Chris Hansen says that  is highly improbable, stating that "I have never seen anyone try to redo an election based upon the release of information which influenced voters” and “It is very rare for courts to declare a revote, and these do not look like the circumstances where courts would declare one.”

There's more.  Senate Democrats Elizabeth Warren, Dick Durbin, Chris Coons, Ben Cardin, and Jeff Merkley have put forth a bill to force Donald Trump to sell all of his holdings, worldwide, and place the proceeds in a blind trust.  A feat that would be nearly impossible since you would need to find multi-billion dollar investors who would want all of Trump's properties.  Of course, the bill is not going to go anywhere anyway, since the Republicans control the Senate.  More importantly, what this shows is that the Democrats are laying the ground for impeachment, if Trump even takes one penny from a foreign government's representative who may stay in a Trump hotel or play on one of his golf courses.  If the Democrats are successful at impeaching Trump, the Republicans are going to regret never having brought impeachment proceedings against Obama for circumventing the Constitution by signing treaties without two-thirds Senate approval.

This is literally becoming a type of mental disorder. A "Trump Derangement Syndrome" that is being  demonstrated by all too many Democrats.  They are in complete denial as to why they have lost so much power in the last six years, and why Hillary was such a failed candidate.  Please, you people need therapy!


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