Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump's Favorite Pastime Needs Help

We are all aware that President-elect Donald Trump is a fan of Twitter; although he may not always use it in the most positive way.  Many, however, don't know that Twitter is a very troubled company.

It lacks a cohesive business strategy.  It has struggled with attracting new users.  Key executives have given up and have left the company like a flock of birds being released back into the wild.  A signal, that internally, there are real management problems.  Now the company has clearly indicated that it wants a buyer; as if issuing a cry for help to a suicide hotline. Names like Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Apple, Disney, and are all supposedly involved in bidding, but nothing concrete is known about the bidding activity; or if it even still exists.

Essentially, if someone doesn't fix the problems at Twitter, the company may simply implode and "The Donald" may have to find another way of communicating his minute-by-minute, day and night, ever-changing feelings. It leaves one to wonder if he isn't a Twitter sleep walker. And, the media?  They would lose one of their primary sources of negative news about our soon-to-be-President.  Oh, the humanity!

References: This was supposed to be the year Twitter got its act together. Instead, it’s looking like the year Twitter throws in the towel:

MarketWatch: Twitter could sell for up to $15 billion, if there’s still a buyer:

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