Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Cooling Realities of Global Warming

If we put the sensationalism and hyperbole of Al Gore aside and look at some facts, it just might be that the hysteria of Global Warming may have been the result of a lot distortions, and maybe, not realities.

When Al Gore assembled his thesis on Global Warming, his movie titled The Inconvenient Truth, he used the hurricanes of Rita and Katrina as evidence of Global Warming. To Al, those hurricanes were an ominous warning of things to come. In the lead into that movie, Gore claimed that the "frenquency and intensity of hurricanes" would result from Global Warming. The only problem with Al's "inconvenient lie" is that we have had some of the quietest hurricane seasons on record since Rita and Katrina. In fact, some of the southern states, which are normally inundated with rain from hurricane activity, are in the midst of a severe drought.

It seems like a lot of evidence is being released lately, to indicate that Global Warming isn't all that Al Gore seems to think. In fact, we just might be entering a period of Global Cooling. Maybe, even, the beginning of an ice age!

One such evidence is the fact that the massive ice sheet has returned to Disko Bay in Greenland (See Full Story). In the past, the waning ice in Disko Bay has been used by the warming alarmists as a significant indicator as to the health of this world. It has been used as a disastrous indication that the world ice is melting and the coastal areas of the world are doomed to permanent flooding.

Another strange fact is that January saw some of the coldest temperatures in the world over the last hundred years (See Full Story). It snowed in the Middle East for the first time in a century. Japan and China had rare snowfalls this Winter. Places in North America have also had record snows. For example, Madison, Wisc. had over 100 inches of snowfall and could see even more before this Spring is over. February continued the non-warming trend of January with temperatures that were about average for the last 100 years. Temps were not, as would be expected in a Global Warming environment, warmer than normal.

Another fact that has recently come out is that the world-wide warming trend may have actually plateaued since 1998 (See Full Story); a fact that was actually acknowledge by the United Nations organization on Global Warming, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). With no surprise, the national media,,and alarmists like Al Gore conveniently don't talk about that. Of course, if Global Warming is a result of man-made carbon emissions, and those emissions have risen at a higher rate over the last 10 years, it makes sense, scientifically or logically, that warming should have risen (not leveled off or fallen) over the last ten years. Doesn't it?

If you had read this excellent Washington Times commentary by H. Sterling Burnett, (See Full Article) you would see that the whole statistical justification of Global Warming is in question. The whole "hockey stick" graph of earth's warming comes into question. And, this commentary echoes a lot opinions by world scientists who believe that Global Warming and its strict relationship to man's activities might be "a lot of hooey" (a technical term that I like to use for man-made Global Warming).

The latest question mark comes as a result of the findings by 3000 undersea robots that have measured deep sea temps around the world. Those robots found no warming since they had last conducted any measurements. (See Full Story). This head-scratcher, too, is inconsistent with the belief that we are in the midst of a disastrous warming of the Earth.

One problem that has always existed for the Global Warming Chicken Little's is the fact that our whole Solar system is in a warming trend (See Full Story). Places, without humans, like Mars, are seeing warming that is consistent with the warming here on Earth. Many scientist believe that the current warming trend of the earth is a result of the sun's cyclical sun-spot activity. In fact, the Russian Academy of Scientists believes that we may actually be entering an Ice Age as a result of a slowed solar activity (See Full Story).

Recently, Al Gore told 60 Minutes that skeptics of man-made Global Warming are the modern equivalent to those who believed that the earth was flat (See Full Story). Gore has also always claimed that those scientists who deny man-made global warming are being paid by those corporations whose self-interest is served by not curbing their polluting habits. Al Gore seems to think that the nearly 22,000 scientists who have signed on to the Petition Project in Opposition to The Hysteria over Global Warming must all be in the "tank" for money. Of course, Al, himself, isn't. Just because he's making millions in speaking engagements, doesn't mean that "he" might have a profit motive in keeping Global Warming alive. Now, does it?

The initiatives to combat Global Warming will have the harshest effects on the poor around the world. I would hope that people like Gore get it right by being truthful with the facts before we punish those who have the least to give in this world. It just seems that what I have outlined (above) is being ignored for what might be purely political and left-wing ideological reasons. Further, our actual ability to control global warming or any global weather condition may well be beyond our true capabilities as mere humans. Global Warming might just turn out to be another one of those "fears" that the left-wing politician, with the help of the news media, wants to hoist onto the public so "their" ideological beliefs of "greening" the planet can be fulfilled.

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