Friday, March 14, 2008

Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. and Barack Obama

I am sure by now, anyone reading this blog has heard the black-separatist, anti-white, anti-American, anti-Jewish and pro-Muslim rantings of Barack Obama's spiritual adviser, Jeremiah A. Wright. Given the total number of these "speeches" by Wright that are now playable on the Web, it is hard to believe that Barack Obama could have missed any or all of his "anti-" sermons during his near-twenty years of attending Wright's Church and listening to his weekly rantings.

Those defending Obama against his pastor say that Obama can't be responsible for the political beliefs of his Pastor. Obama, himself, jokingly compares Wright to "an uncle" who may say things that he doesn't always agree with. However, the fact is that Wright does say these things. And, he says them all the time! He says them on purchasable DVD's that are being peddled directly by Obama's so-called "uncle" and his Church.

I just know that I, and I think, most people of any faith would walk out of aChurch where the Pastor, Minister, Rabbi, or Priest started preaching any form of hatred towards our fellow man. That is because it is so unbelievably anti-Christian by its very nature. And, I am sure, any true believer in Christ would never come back to such a Church, ever again.

Obama has listened to Wright and he has elected to stay in that Church. And, most telling, he has stayed with Wright and that Church for 20 years. He and Michele were married by Wright. His kids were baptized by him. Wright was such an influence on Obama that he borrowed the title of his book," The Audacity of Hope", from his preachings. When Michele Obama said she had never "been proud to be American in all her adult life", it was no wonder! Listening to Wright, there is nothing to be proud of as an American. And, that, too, tells the world how influential Minister Wright has been in the lives of Barack and Michele Obama.

Even if Obama denounces Wright at this juncture, it is too late. It will be seen as a purely political and hollow gesture. But, that is the game that Obama has played and his followers have bought in on every time he has been caught giving double-speak and every time he has been caught giving one of his "wink-wink" comments; such as in the case of NAFTA and the Canadian Consulate, and such as in the case of the accelerated pullout of Iraq and the contrary comments by his adviser, Samantha Power. I just don't believe that Obama can be trusted with OUR country when he, his wife, and Pastor don't see it as THEIR country. Obama's removal of the American flag from his lapel and his failure to place his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem has a more significant meaning than ever before. And, those actions, coupled with his association with known anti-American, 1960's radicals and his wife's "never proud to be an American" comment can be summed up in the very ugly words of Jeremiah Wright: "God Damn America!"

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