Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mr. Bill

Democrats had always referred lovingly to Bill Clinton in the same fashion that Republicans still fawn over Ronald Reagan. Barbara Streisand once sang the ballad "Memories" on his behalf. Clinton, after all, was the first Black President, ya know! There wasn't a Democratic strategist, alive, who wouldn't use Bill Clinton as the shining example when trashing George Bush over the economy, the deficit, and the world standing of the United States.

Once this election cycle started, Bill Clinton has been literally turned into "Mr. Dirt." He's been called a racist. He and the Mrs. have been referred to as political dirty-tricksters and, negatively, as a powerful political machine. Onetime and supposed-friends like Ted Kennedy and others, and, now, Bill Richardson have abandoned the Clinton's faster than a speeding bullet. Now, the Obama campaign has labeled Bill Clinton as the Joseph McCarthy of our times. (See Full Story).

Several political pundits have said that the longer this campaign goes on between Hillary and Barack, the more it will seem like the Democrats are "eating their own." From my vantage point, Bill Clinton appears to be the appetizer, main course, and the dessert at this table. And, what is really amazing, all attacks on Bill Clinton are all coming from Democrats.

A famous quote has always been: "You can judge a man by the way his peers judge him." We'll, if you take that literally, Bill Clinton's legacy is in bigger trouble, now, than his scandal and impeachment process while in he was in the White House. Given all the "cannibalism" that has taken place on Bill Clinton's body, it is hard to believe he will ever regain the glowing idolatry that the Democrats had once held for him.

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