Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lying Is So Old Hillary

A lot of people on the Right always knew that the Clinton's have perfected the "art" of revisionist history telling. I think it has something to do in the water down in Arkansas. So, now that the Hill-Billy's are on the campaign trail and are recounting their many "years" in the public eye, it is no wonder that we are getting several pages being torn-out, re-written, and re-inserted into our history books. Fortunately, for us, there are enough videos and written records sitting in the media vaults and out there in cyberspace so that the words and deeds of the Clinton's can be actually verified. Something that, apparently, didn't exists when they were the top dogs in Arkansas.

The latest Clintonian edit-job comes from Hillary's trip to Bosnia. Sounding something like the start of Schwarzenegger movie, you have Hillary flying into the Bosnian airport of Tuzla with severe sniper fire. To avoid the dangerous ground fire, Hillary's C-17 had to use a variety of evasive maneuvers before landing. Hillary, heading up her band of "Seals" and with a Bowie knife between her teeth, then exited the airplane (which was probably riddled with bullet holes and barely flyable) and "she" managed to get to all her personnel to safe cover. Our Hero! How "potentially" Presidential! Of course, now, I'm exaggerating; but, not that much!

Now, Hillary's account of the "Perils of Hillary" have been literally shot down by CBS news and their video of that day; and, it appears that this video is the most dangerous "shooting" that actually took place on her trip. Instead of looking like a landing on the shores of Normandy during the WWII invasion of Europe, Hillary's trip looks more like a trip to Hawaii --- sans a lei over everyone's head. Hillary even greeted a little girl on that Bosnian airport tarmac. (See a YouTube video of Hillary's trip and her comments of today). As an aside: Does anyone really think our State Department would have really seen fit to send the First Lady of the United States into a war zone where her life would be endangered? Bill might have; but, our State Department wouldn't!

A former supporter and a former close friend of the Clinton's, Hollywood-mogul David Geffen, once said this about the Clinton's: "Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it's troubling."

I have to laugh because the formerly always-friendly-to-the-Clinton's national press is "finally" exposing all the half-truths and lies that these Hill-Billy's "had been" shoving down the throats of America for years. But, why, now, all of a sudden? It all has to do with the national media's brand new love affair with Barack Obama; and, they will do almost anything to protect this guy and to insure he gets the nomination and he gets elected. That's what people do when they are totally in love. When the press was in love with the Bill and Hillary, they could do no wrong! All their faults were overlooked. And, like a police attack-dog, they viciously protected their love. Now, their new love, Barack, needs to be viciously protected from Bill and Hillary. Spring is surely in the air! At least for Barack Obama!

Update as of 3/26: Dick Morris put a compendium of Hillary lies together. (See Full Story)

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