Monday, March 24, 2008

In the Fall --- The Unholy Wars

Right now -- or, should I say Wright now -- the focus is all on Obama and his unholiest of Pastor's, Jeremiah Wright. But, in the Fall, as we slog on through the November elections, the unholy war will explode into a full blown assault.

While I don't expect the McCain campaign to directly address the Wright-wrongs during the fall campaign, I do expect surrogates like the RNC (National Republican Committee) and/or some Swiftboat-like Republican 527 group to address it. When the first Wright-torpedo is launched against Obama, you can expect a quick salvo from the Left (a counter Wright move) that will attempt similarly paint McCain as the bigot by bringing up John Hagee's endorsement (which McCain has quickly and loudly denounced) and the speech that McCain gave at Bob Jones University.

Unfortunately, the Left will be out-gunned. Their use of the Hagee/Jones analogy in the defense of Wright will be like pitting a pea-shooter against a Howitzer. The Left will have one puny shot -- hoping it sticks - while the Right will have shell after shell to use with the Wright-wrongs. It won't be pretty

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