Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yeah, Yeah...That's it!

Years ago, the comedian Jon Lovitz would appear on Saturday Night Live in his totally laughable role as Tommy Flanagan, the President of the Pathological Liars Club. He would end each new lie with "Yeah, Yeah...That's it!"

I thought is was a great routine. A classic.

However, when Hillary Clinton does the same thing, I'm not laughing. I just wish that "when" she was into one of her patented lies, she would take a cue from Jon Lovitz and finish it with that very Tommy Flanagan-esque "Yeah, yeah.. That's It!" For example, when talking about Chelsea on 9/11, she could have said something like "I am not just a Senator from New York. ..and.. and...a... I'm a mother whose daughter was in danger on 9/11... and.... yeah...yeah...that's it...and...yeah...Chelsea was roller skating around the World Trade Center and...yeah..yeah... that's it... and..and..a....she stopped in a cafe to have some coffee...and...a...yeah, that's it..and....she heard the first plane hit...yeah...that's it..."

Of course, we all know, today, that Chelsea was well far and away and safe from the events of 9/11 on that fateful day.

My problem with Hillary's lying is that we are trying to elect a President and not trying to reprise Tommy Flanagan. Let's leave the lies home. As a matter of fact, let's just send Hillary home with them!

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