Monday, March 17, 2008

No Message Of Hope!

If you listen to the so-called preachings of Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Barrack Obama's spiritual adviser and mentor, you have got to seriously wonder what the purpose of this man's rantings are. In his sermons he blames Jews, all Whites, especially rich Whites, and the United States government for "all" the ills that have befallen the Blacks in this country and in Aftrica and, I guess, the whole World. He also blames the United States and Jews for all the ills that have befallen the rest of the World; especially the Muslims.

Is this a message of hope? Is this a message of inspiration? Is this a message that Christ would have taught? Is this a message whereby his parishioners can walk out of his Church feeling good about their own lives? Is this a message intended to bring the races together?

Maybe it's just me, but, I think his message is a message of hate that is being "drilled" into his parishioners on a weekly basis. It is a message that is designed to keep the races apart. It is designed to spawn suspicions of all Whites and our Federal Government. There is no "Christ" in this message. Clearly, there is no "hope" in this message!

It is a disservice to the nearly half million Union deaths in this country that occurred during the Civil War in an effort to abolish slavery. It is a disservice to all those Whites across this county who, in the 1960's and since, have worked to give and insure all Blacks their civil rights. It is a disservice to all the foreign aid that this country provides to other countries; more than any other single country in the World. It is a disservice to the AIDS research being done in this country and the billions of dollars that have been committed by President Bush and others to African counties to fight their fight against AIDS. It is a disservice to the billions of dollars that Americans give in charitable giving for the poor and needy of the World; of which, much goes to the Black races.

Make no mistake about it, Jeremiah Wright's message is designed to fuel hatred and distrust of all Whites in America. He provides no solutions but, instead, fuels racism. And, what is worse, I heard a lot of Black commentary this weekend that has said that Wright's preachings are no different from what is being said in many Black church's across this country. And, if that is true, there will never be any real racial healing in America. There is no hope!

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