Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Lied

Just five days ago, Barack Obama said that he hadn't "ever" heard the divisive words of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. He said that if he had had heard those words, he would have confronted Wright.

However, in today's speech on race, Obama now admits that he "did" hear those words of Wright. He admits to have had "always" known that Wright held extremely divisive views. So, it appears, through own admission of today, that he was "lying" just five days ago. Isn't it convenient that he decided to come clean now. Now, after the fact that at least one national journalist had already found out that he "was" present during one of those speeches?

Now, Obama wants us to see, as he sees, the bigger picture of Wright. The good, Christian man who is doing so much good for Blacks in his community. I guess Obama wants us to believe that Wright is the Black equivalent of Mother Theresa! But, what Obama doesn't seem to understand is that this version of Mother Theresa only works amongst his race! At the same time he doing all his good, Wright is working overtime to turn his Black community against White America! To turn his Black community against our Government! To turn his Black community against Jews! And, to make sure his message goes beyond his community, he sells his DVDs and Webcasts his speeches to all the world! But, in Obama's mind, all the hate-speech of Wright is offset by the good of Jeremiah Wright. And, for this, Obama won't denounce Wright.

Well, I'm sorry. I just don't buy it and I think a lot of fair-mind, White Americans and, maybe, some Blacks, too, won't accept it either. Everyday, we are getting a clearer picture of the Obama that America doesn't really know. Clearly, it's not the Barack Obama that Barack Obama wants us to know!

Note: On racism in America, Barack Obama said there needs to be "deeper" discussion about race in this country. I would suggest that Obama "start" that discussion with his racist pastor. Something that, apparently, hasn't done in the last 20 years and which he seemingly refuses to do to this day.

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