Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary and Obama Go M.A.D.

During the cold war, there was a well known military strategy called: Mutually Assured Destruction or M.A.D. Through the proliferation of nuclear weapons, both the Soviets and the United States were kept at bay from an all-out nuclear war because there was so much overkill in both arsenals that neither country would have any strategic advantage. As a consequence, if either country "pulled" the nuclear war button, both countries (and the world) would be destroyed; a fate neither country would really commit to.

Now, in the Democratic race for the Presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are on the precipice all-out nuclear war. The have essentially ignored the strategy of M.A.D. Within the last two days, Barack Obama has almost completely assured the destruction of Hillary vis a vis the Bosnia video and the subsequent comments coming out of Camp Obama. Realizing how damaging that video is to her, Hillary has countered with her comments on the Pastor Wright which she had stayed away from over the last two weeks. The political equivalent of the Doomsday Clock is ticking, been moved forward, and is closing in on Midnight.

My guess is that this war might completely erase the chance for either of these two to win in the General Election. The damage to both may just be too great! Oh, all the humanity!

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