Sunday, September 7, 2008

Biden Who?

Everybody's talking politics. Mostly, they are talking about national political newcomer, Sarah Palin. They are also talking about John McCain and Barack Obama. But, the invisible man in this election has become Joe Biden.

When it came to the convention speeches, Obama, Palin and McCain got over 38 million viewers for their performances. Lowly, Joe? Well, he got 24 million viewers. A good number but almost 50 percent less viewers than the others.

To make things worse. Much of the talk in the media is matching Sarah Palin against Barack Obama and not Joe Biden.

I think all this lack of notice of poor Joe Biden shows what a bad choice he was. It is as if Biden has sucked all the air out of the Obama campaign. Certainly, the polls reflected that when he was announced. He can't even be the "attack dog" that Obama hired him for because the cameras aren't being pointed at him. The one attack statement he was able to get in was when he said that Sarah Palin was good looking. Is he tough or what? At least he didn't use the term "clean" as when he described Barack Obama. Even the Democrats are now disenchanted with him. There is actually talk all over the blogosphere about how Obama has buyer's remorse and some speculation that he will eventually dump Biden for Hillary! Me thinks Bill (Clinton) is spreading that one!

I think a lot of people have concluded that Joe was a dumb choice on the part of Barack. Probably, another example of what little decision making skills this guy (Barry Obama) really has (or hasn't at all)! After all, some "losing" dog catcher's in America probably got more than the 9,000 votes that Joe Biden got in his run for the Presidency this year!

Before Sarah Palin gave her speech at the convention, the Democrats where all ready to eat this Republican ticket alive. Grrrr! They were all saying how Biden will tear Sarah Palin to shreds. Now, since her Convention speech, that talk has become much subdued. In fact, some Democrats are advising Joe Biden to bone-up on his facts and not to be the typical bonehead he has demonstrated in the past. They all know that Joe is good for "digging jokes" but tends to be long winded, sometimes short on facts and substance and logic, and has constant habit of saying a multitude of dumb gaffes. In fact, at the convention, Joe slipped again by saying Barack America instead of Barack Obama. It's a good thing Joe was thinking about this country at the time and not some country like Iran. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has shown how adept she is in inserting the knife with a smile and a little humor. Also, she ain't no political hack dummy like some Joe's we all know.

Joe appears to be the "forgotten man" in this election. I am sure that if Barack Obama loses this election, no one will ever remember who he ran with. On the other hand, if McCain loses, history will always remember who his running mate was. My guess is that history will always think of Joe Biden as: Biden Who?

One last thought. Here's something that might help you remember Joe Biden. His middle name is Robinette. Sounds like some kind of "diner" where birds are the main item on the menu. Probably in China!

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