Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Past Tells All About Education

On Tuesday, Barack Obama took aim at George W. Bush and John McCain on education while on the campaign trail (See Full Story).

I almost have to laugh about Obama on education. This is a guy who comes from a city, Chicago, Illinois, where slightly half the students graduate from high school (See Full Story).

Half of those that do go on to college fail to complete their first two years. Obama's one big chance to improve education in that city came when he headed the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (See Full Story). After $100 million in public and private financing, it was a total failure and had to be canceled in its sixth year. If it had been a success, it would still be in operation today.

That's Obama's historical or, should I say, hysterical, attempt to change poor education standards in the City of Chicago. Now, instead of millions of dollars, he wants to be the President and wants to be entrusted with billions dollars to, probably, get the same results on a national level that was seen in his total failure in Chicago.

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