Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Racist Americans!

Increasingly, I am hearing a lot of Democrats (I suppose out of an extreme fear of losing the presidency), begin to hoist the concept that, if Barack Obama isn't elected, Americans are a bunch of racists. I guess that, in pure desperation, they have decided to "shame" Americans into voting for Barack Obama. Never mind the fact that he, Barack, has hardly any experience to be President. He hasn't even gained the experience of a full term of being a United States Senator. Never mind that Barack is pretty far left. Never mind that he flips on issues faster than a dime thrown fifty feet in the air. Never mind, too, that he has a history of being surrounded by some of the most radical friends you have ever seen since Chairman Mao took over the reigns of China. But, according to some Democrats, it is race, and race alone, that will determine if Obama loses.

Of course, all of those Democrats, hinting at racism, would never look at their own party. For sure, no Democrats could ever be racists! It must be those racist Independents and all those racist Republicans that are standing in the way of Obama's Presidency. Of course, they seem to forget that Obama didn't really win so handily over Hillary Clinton. I guess all those 18 million Democrats, almost 50%, who voted for Hillary must all be racists. Obviously, when Bill Clinton, the "first black President," made that "fairy tale" remark during the primaries, he too was a racist. Hell, there are racists around every corner. Obama, himself, made that quite clear when he made his "typical" white person remark when talking about his dear old white Granny, or when he said that he (Barack) "doesn't look like all those other Presidents" on the dollar bills.

For years, the Democrats have "used" blacks to their advantage and they are attempting to do it again with this "if you don't vote for Barack, you are a racist" thing. It has always amazed me when I would watch a Democrat like Bill Clinton, Hillary, or Al Gore attend a black church meeting and go out of their way to "talk black" to the congregation. Nothing could be more condescending. If I was black, I would find that very insulting. But, it has been going on for years.

Personally, I think most Americans want to see the day when this country has a black President. I think, in general, it would make them feel good about themselves and it would go a long way to erase this country's historical issues with regard to race. For that reason alone, I would think Barack Obama actually has an electoral advantage in this election; rather than the electoral disadvantage that some Democrats would have you believe. But, the Democrats are concerned about the fact that, with the economy in such potentially bad shape and with this country in an unpopular war and having an unpopular Republican as President, Barack Obama hasn't been able to sustain a big lead over John McCain. They (the Democrats) can't believe that anything other than race is at fault for this. If anything, I believe Obama is getting a bump in all the polls because of his race. And, I believe that bump is because people are saying that they will vote for Obama because they don't want to be perceived as racists. This is more commonly known as the Bradley Effect. To take that further, the lying (Bradley Effect) about voting for Barack Obama has little to do with race and more to do with a comfort level with his qualifications. Time and time again, I have seen average Americans say that they were voting for Obama and, in saying so, were unable to give any other reason than that Obama would be change. Most people are unable to give any real specifics about why they are voting for Obama. This is why America is struggling with Obama. It has nothing to do with race.

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