Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Woman Who Would Threaten Barack Obama

To me, being surrounded by a bunch of radicals and what that says about someone's character is a bigger story and issue than having a daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock. But, the national media thinks the later is the most important issue in this election. In the past, they have pretty much ignored Barack Obama's not-hardly-tangential relationships with Reverand Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Bernadine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi, Father Pfleger, and Louis Farrakhan. Quite the cast of radicals! To top things off, when John Edwards was running for President, they completely ignored his extramarital affair and his possible love child; despite the rampant rumors about that since 2006.

Now, they are hotly and intensely focused Sarah Palin's family as a means to possibly force her to drop out of the race. It appears the left is legitimately scared of this young mother of five. They have done several front page pieces by attacking the daughter of Sarah Palin, who is pregnant out of wedlock. It is as if we have now come to the point where family members are part of the process of vetting a person qualifications for public office. Additionally, the media is questioning whether or not Sarah is a good mother because she is "leaving" her children alone while putting the office of the Vice President above them. They have even dug up a 20-year old drunk driving arrest against Sarah's husband as if it reflects on her own character. Maybe I'm wrong, but at the time that Sarah's husband was caught drinking and driving, Barack admitted to have done hard, illegal drugs.

It is obvious that the national media is out to do Barack Obama's dirty work. Over the last 4 days, both Barack and Joe Biden have "stated" that family members should be off limits during any campaign. To the voters, this looks like they are taking the high road and "protecting" Sarah Palin. But both Obama and Biden know damn well that the marketing arm of the Democratic party, our national news media, will do what it takes to destroy Sarah Palin on their behalf. So, they don't have to lift a finger of their own to do so. That's why you won't find Biden or Obama actually taking the news media or the bloggers to task over Palin. Instead, they have made their minimally-needed "off limits" comment. By doing so, they can easily bring that up anytime they are asked about the media attacks against Palin. Now, it i9s being reported that Sarah's phone number and social security number has been released by operatives in the Democratic party. This isn't just swift boating. This is organized crime by the Democrats!

Obama and the media might be well advised to worry about the treatment of Sarah Palin; whether directly by the Democrats or indirectly by the news media. There could easily be a serious backlash against him and against the news media in this country. Barack is already weak with women. Many aren't willing to forget how Hillary Clinton was treated by the Barack Campaign and his surrogates. This could shove just enough votes towards McCain/Palin to cost Obama a defeat. And, the media? They have been in trouble for years and this might just be another nail in the coffin that could soon signal their burial.

Image is a screenshot taken of the Drudge Report as of September 2, 9:40 AM. Take note of the headline comments about the New York Times.

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