Sunday, September 14, 2008

They Gaffed Until They Couldn't Gaffe No More!

What a week for Team Obama.

It started out with the "lipstick on the pig" remark and Obama was off speed for most of the week (Click to See Video). Whether or not he actually aimed that comment at Sarah Palin and her well known convention speech joke about a pit bull and a hockey mom, it should not have been said. It was a gaffe because it could easily be misconstrued. It was dumb to say and even dumber to continue to defend. As a result, I don't think the women of America were too impressed.

If you happened to be disabled, Team Obama had a gaffe or two for you as well. First, the King of Gaffes, Joe Biden, decided to tell a wheelchair bound State Senator, Chuck Graham, to stand up and take a bow in this video (Click to See Video). I suppose we could cut Biden some slack and just say he was trying out his "faith healing" skills. Right! Then, the Obama Campaign ran this ad that chided John McCain for not being computer literate or even using email (Click to See Video). Of course, the "gaffe" in that ad is that John McCain can't type on a keyboard, or even tie his shoes or comb his hair because of the constant beatings that he sustained as a prisoner of war. Nice, Barack! What next? Challenge John McCain to beach volleyball?

Lastly, Joe Biden, as the VP Candidate, is supposed to fill the role of "attack dog" during the campaign. But, in this video, the attack dog seems to bite his own master by stating that Hillary Clinton might have been the better choice as the VP pick (Click to See Video). Would somebody please call Cesar Millan of Dog Whisperer fame? We have another attack dog out of control!

This is just one week on the campaign trail and so many gaffes. I once heard a TV news commentator say that he had never seen such a disciplined team as that of the Obama campaign. That may have been true then, but now they're looking like a stooge act.

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