Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Juvenile Attacks: Gives Hillary the Finger....Now, Palin's a Pig!

Yesterday, Barack Obama managed a firestorm of criticism by making this "lipstick on a pig" comment that was clearly a double entendre aimed at Sarah Palin (See Video of Barack's Pig remarks). It is obvious that he doesn't even mention Sarah Palin, but it is also obvious that he wants the crowd to make the connection to Sarah Palin and her "What separates a pit bull from hockey mom" joke at the Republican Convention. That's why he makes such a pregnant pause after the word "lipstick" in his comments as he waits for the crowd to respond with laughter. Then, he finishes up his double entendre by relating lipstick with a pig and the crowd obviously gets it by connecting the dots to Sarah Palin by, again, erupting in laughter.

Supporters of Obama say that accusing him of calling Sarah Palin a pig is a stretch. To them, Obama was just using a well-worn political tool that figuratively describes dressing up a bad government program. But, to them, I only have to rewind back to Obama's contest with Hillary Clinton and another attempt to slam his opponent in a similar fashion(See Video). Just like the pig/lipstick comment, he clearly pauses for the crowd to make the connection of his gesture to Hillary Clinton before continuing. I guess that's what they teach you at Harvard Law School!

For the purposes of this blog, I have listened to many of Obama's stump speeches and debates. To my knowledge, he has never used the "lipstick on pig" analogy before. So, it's use now is intentionally new and targeted.

This is so preteen and so teenage from someone who would be our President. This kind of stuff should stay in the "jock locker room" and has no place on the campaign trail. Barack made that gesture about Hillary when "she" was surging with some substantial Primary wins. He made that remark about Palin after seeing his poll numbers go in the toilet. "Barry" (Barack's childhood moniker) is incapable of being gracious when falling behind. Instead of getting smarter and more polished, he falls back to this kind of school yard tactic.

This morning, he defended his remarks by trying to blame the McCain campaign for typical politics. He used his old standby remarks "this is politics as usual" and this is the same old "taking things out of context" from the McCain campaign. Maybe somebody should tell little "Barry" that he should look in the mirror when complaining about "politics as usual" and "taking things out of context." I seem to recall a lot of efforts on his part to distort what McCain has said. He chided McCain on a gaffe about confusing "Sunnis and Shiites" and used that in a TV ad when it was clearly a gaffe and when it had been immediately corrected. He used McCain's failure to answer the question about his homes by stretching that into an "out of touch" message; both on the stump and in a TV commercial. He used the McCain's joke about the rich being a person making "5 million dollars...I don't know" and turning that into a distortion. And, don't forget the distortion of McCain's comment about being in Iraq "for 100 years" in a peace keeping/consulate role. Politics as usual, Barry? The polls, long before the Palin pick and the conventions, were showing that Obama was sliding. It's this kind of two-faced crap that the voters are getting a little tired off.

My guess is that the women of this country will see the "lipstick on the pig" comment for what it intentionally was and is; just like giving Hillary the finger. Barry is just a kid and he thinks he can get away with his childish little caricatures and gestures that he probably got away with as a kid. Would someone please change this guy's diapers!

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