Friday, September 19, 2008

Joe Biden: The New Adventures of a Robbing Hood

According to Joe Biden, wealthier Americans should pay higher taxes and, in doing so, they would be patriotic (See Full Story). So, in essence, Mr. Biden is saying that wealthy Americans aren't patriotic unless they pay higher taxes. I looked up the word "patriotic" and, for the life of me, I couldn't find anything about taxes being the primary qualifier for someone's patriotism. In fact, this country had no system of taxation until the Civil War. Absurdly, Joe Biden must think that we didn't have any patriots in this country prior to our civil war.

Let's be real. Currently, the top 10 percent of wage earners (which includes businesses and corporations) in America foot the bill for 80 percent of all our government's operations. The top one percent foot the bill for 38% of all governement activities. The rich also help this country by buying up United States Treasury bonds that support our deficit spending and national debt. To say that those people aren't patriotic is just ridiculous. Personally, I believe that someone who shirks their responsibility in even getting a simple high school degree; can't work because of that; and feeds off every government program that the Democrats can hand them, are the real non-patriots in America. They are the leaches that feed off our government and create no jobs and contribute nothing to society. But, those are the people that the Democrats always want to help the most. Not the rich. Not the people who create jobs or the wealth of this country. To me, a patriot is someone who contributes to the health and well being of America and not someone who uses or extorts what they can from it.

Maybe Joe Biden and Barack Obama envision themselves as modern-day Robin Hoods. Most people think of Robin Hood as an outlaw who made a career out of "robbing from the rich to give to the poor." However, a closer look at Robin Hood would reveal a person who fought the big and corrupt government in the form of the King of England and fought his top IRS agent of that day, the noted law enforcer and tax collector, the Sheriff of Nottingham. "Me thinks" that John McCain is the true Robin Hood in this campaign and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are just a couple of "hoods" that would "rob" from the rich.

From my second paragraph (above), you can see clearly that the rich are already keeping this country afloat. But, if you keep taking money from them in the form of taxes, they won't have any money left for business expansion. Additionally, they won't have any excess money available in terms of venture capital to float any new businesses. The economy will just stop growing. If you take that scenario to the extreme (which I always like to use to prove a point), you could take all their money in the form of taxes and this country could ultimately look like North Korea. A country where half the population are starving. China and Russia are now flourishing because they came out of the depths of a purely socialistic environment. Barack Obama and Joe Biden want this country to move in the direction that China and Russia abandoned. Europe has reduced it's corporate and business taxes and even subsidized some businesses like Airbus so their companies can complete in the world economy. Barack Obama and Joe Biden want to penalize our businesses and corporations so they can't compete; and, they can't expand; and, they can't create new jobs.

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