Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama Is Being Im-Palin-ed

If you haven't noticed it, Barack Obama's campaign for the Presidency is starting to look a little like a beginning bike rider who's taking his first ride without training wheels. He's wobbling; can't keep a straight course; and, looks like he is about to fall off his bike. His poll numbers and his favorability ratings are falling dramatically. He's losing more support from women and Independents. He is spending more time defending "they don't speak for me or my campaign" gaffes and his own dumb comments; and, he is spending less and less time talking about the issues.

Whose fault is this? I think Sarah Palin! He's is literally being im-Palin-ed by this woman!

Since the Palin announcement as McCain's running mate, Team Obama, the Democrats, and the Main Stream Media have been in total disarray. Before that announcement they were sitting back in their easy chairs, picking their teeth with a toothpick or puffing on their cigars and nearly nodding off as they thought McCain would pick Romney or some other white guy and they could just cakewalk to the Presidency.

Well, surprise! surprise! McCain and, especially, Sarah Palin have kicked the soapbox from beneath Obama's feet. So, now, Obama has decided to stop running against George W. Bush and John McCain and, instead, has begun running against Sarah Palin. He has decided to go "mano a mano" with this "lady" and that has made him look less presidential and look both weak and sexist. In a parallel path, the mainstream media has followed the lead of the left-wing bloggers and other blindly biased propagandists by publishing false rumors as news in order to protect their candidate, Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the media has consistently wound up with egg on their face because the rumors that they followd have always been proven wrong. Then, you have moronic anti-Palin Democrats popping up all over the place with comments that can do nothing but make Democrats look sexist and stupid. One such dumb comment, just his week, was from the Democratic Chairperson from South Carolina, Carol Fowler (See Full Story). Her fouler-than-any-Fowler remark was that Sarah Palin was only picked (by McCain) because she didn't have an abortion. This is the wife of the other foul Fowler, Don, who claimed that Hurricane Gustav was sent by God to disrupt the Republican National Convention. You've got to wonder. Who's running the Democratic Party? A bunch of escapees from an insane asylum?

I just think that Team Obama is not ready for prime time. His campaign manager, Axelrod, has never run a successful national campaign. His only claims to fame are wins in Democratic strongholds where Axelrod seems to know what appeals to the left and far left of the Democratic Party. In appealing to Independents and any moderate Republicans, he's totally flatfooted. That was obvious from the run to the center by Obama after being so far left. Being left won Obama the nomination. But, quickly running to the center resulted in people on the left questioning their previous votes for Obama. Further, the Independents and Moderates saw Obama either as a flip-flopper, a phony, or someone who doesn't stand his ground. Apparently, Axelrod has heard that you have to start your candidate out from the left so as to appeal to your base and to win the nomination. Then, you are supposed to move to the center to win Independents and Republican leaners. Unfortunately, for Axelrod and Obama, no one apparently told them to gradually shift to the center over time. I guess that's why Obama almost immediately ran to the center on almost every issue right after clinching the nomination. Since then, Obama's poll numbers have done nothing but weaken.

Obama keeps claiming that he wants to get away from the peronal attacks and get to the issues. But Team Obama just keeps up the personal attacks on Sarah Palin. He make a pig gaffe and, instead of saying he shouldn't have said that, he keeps it up by taking it to the Letterman Show that night. Is this guy dumb or what?

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