Sunday, July 22, 2012

ABC & Brian Ross Thought They Finally Nailed The Tea Party

Every time there's some type of major shooting event or foiled terrorist plot, our left-wing, main stream media and liberals in general go out of their way to connect those events to the conservative Tea Party movement.  They did it with the Gabby Gifford's shooting, by trying to connect the shooter, Jared Loughner, to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party; when, in fact, Loughner was probably more a liberal than a conservative.   In 2010, after a failed car bombing attempt in Times Square, there was no end in trying to connect the Tea Party to that event as well; even though there was no basis for the claim.  It was pure liberal speculation that was clearly intended to try and turn the country against the conservative movement.

Then, there was this horrific mass killing in Aurora, Colorado.  As soon as the name of the shooter was released, Brian Ross and his people jumped on finding out as much as they could about the perpetrator.  The name of the shooter was James Holmes; of which there are 38 in Colorado.  But, Mr. Ross zeroed in on one man named: Jim Holmes, a Hispanic male living in Aurora who's name appears on a Colorado Tea Party site.  How, they found this "Jim Holmes" is anyone's guess.  Maybe they started out by Googling:  "tea party james holmes aurora colorado".  Anyway, they must have been tripping over themselves to go on the air with George Stephanopoulis to get the "real" news out about the shooting during that morning's run of ABC's "Good Morning America".   And, for sure, they must have been dancing around with high-fives to everyone; believing that they finally nailed the Tea Party as a subversive group.  

Unfortunately for the Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, Brian Ross and ABC had the wrong guy.   Of course, much later, long, long after it was obvious that Ross' Jim Holmes was not the shooter, he issued a quick and short apology.  But, to the many that heard the original report, the shooter was still connected to the Tea Party.   Issuing an apology, later in the day, with a possibly different audience in not good enough.  That apology should be repeated at the very time and on the show that it occurred.   This is so typical.  Whenever a lefty newspaper, like the New York Times, thinks they've nailed some Republican, they splash it all over page one.  But, when they're wrong and have to issue a retraction, its always buried deep inside the paper.   

Stuff like this that makes it twice as hard for Republicans to win or get their message out.  It is a shame we don't have an honest reporting of the news.

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