Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sorry, Mr. President. Government Doesn't Create Success.

Last Friday, President Obama made the most ridiculous claim that "If you've got a business, you didn't build that...someone else made that happen." 

Of course, in Obama's socialist mindset, that "someone else" that "made that happen" is primarily government.  Government who built the roads and bridges that enabled customers to come to your door or that let you send your products to market.  Therefore, it is only fair that you "give back" by paying higher taxes.

Well, Mr. Obama, you've got it all backwards.

Most of the roads that exist, today, were born out of the need for people to interact with private business.  Every main street in America owes it's roots and earliest roads and bridges to the entrepreneurs who took a chance and opened a saloon, a feed store, a restaurant, or hotel near a community of settlers.  There was no government in these startup communities.  Often, it was those early businesses that provided the town with protection by collectively hiring a sheriff; sometimes only offering the sheriff room and board as compensation.

The same is true today.  Many new roads  are built because an enterprising person or company decides to build an industrial park or a new housing development.   The local government is more than happy to build the required new roads because it knows that new homes and new businesses will result in higher tax revenues and new jobs for its people. It's those higher revenues that will then fix the old roads and repair or replace old bridges, build or repair schools and so on.

The President cannot seem to understand that government only exists because of successful businesses.  Without business there would be no jobs and no income for the government to tax and to develop things like the early Internet; r putting men on the moon.

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