Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mr. President, It's Tax Increases. Not, Tax Cuts For The Rich

Whenever Obama talks about taxes on the rich, he always talks in terms of "tax cuts for the rich."  That's intentional because using the words "tax cuts" makes it seem as if the rich are getting away with something.  But, in reality, Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich by extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone but the rich.   And, as far as the rich getting away with something, the top forty percent of all wage earners -- the people that Obama wants to target with his tax increase -- already pay 84.3% of all the taxes.  Then, too, Obama says these people aren't paying their fair share.   But, what is a "fair share"?  "Fair share" is a relative term.  What might seem fair to one person, could also seem highly unfair to another.   I could say that the 52% of this country who are not paying any taxes aren't paying their fair share.  In fact, I could easily say that they aren't paying any share.

Obama's targeting of the rich is an old socialist theme.  It also shows that Obama has a deep-seated envy and hatred of the rich.   Yet, without the "rich," those 52%, who don't pay taxes, wouldn't be able to enjoy their free ride.

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