Friday, July 6, 2012

The Chicken Littles Of Global Warming Are Out In Force Over The Current Heat Wave

Well, it was to be expected.  If there's record heat, it must be due to Global Warming. So, all this week and last, the climate change alarmists have been out in force blaming Global Warming for the fires and hot temperatures across the nation.  But, all of these people are a bunch of Chicken Littles;  making a groundless claim that they can't prove.

The fact is that heat waves are to be expected; occurring throughout history and with or without the notion of Global Warming.  The worst heat wave in this country happened in 1936 during the Dust Bowl years; a half century before Al Gore and his marauders started hyping Climate Change.  During that summer, temperatures all across the United States were  in excess of 100 degrees; and, many of the records that were set then, still stand.   But, the current heat wave has not been as expansive; leaving the Northwest and New England somewhat unscathed.  And, by the way, the following Winter of 1936-37 was one of the coldest in history; proving, once again, that Mother Nature always tries to level things out.

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