Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brian Ross: An Anti-Conservative Activist Reporter

In the early minutes following the Dark Knight Movie Massacre, Brian Ross attempted to link the Tea Party to the shooting. It appears Mr. Ross has a history of going after conservatives under the "guise" of investigative reporting.

Take, for example, his investigation of a company called Goldline; a national gold and precious metal dealer.  In that instance like his Dark Knight investigation, he announced the big breaking news on 'Good Morning America' that Goldline was being charged with 19-counts (19 different customers) of "misdemeanor" crimes associated with its selling practices.  But, it wasn't just enough to announce that the company may have to go to court to defend itself against these charges.  He made sure that the whole world knew that Goldline had the backing of several conservative heavyweights like Glenn Beck, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee.   In doing so, it was clear that his intent was to connect conservatives with the alleged crimes.  Of course, I also find it interesting that Brian Ross and ABC would make such a big news announcement on one of their premier shows over a non-felony (misdemeanor) court filing in a local court in Los Angeles.  What's next? An investigation of all the speeding tickets that conservatives have gotten in a year?

Here's a link to the actual ABC New print story which includes Brian Ross' "Good Morning America" breaking news announcement video:

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