Sunday, July 22, 2012

Obama's Arrogant Putdown Of Successful Business People

In his now infamous "you didn't build it speech", Obama said this of successful people:

To me, this was one of the most arrogant and anti-American words ever spoken by a U.S. president about the very foundation of America's success as a nation.   He didn't just make a simple statement.  He sneeringly derided those who claimed that it was their hard work or that it was their being smart that made them successful.  And, you got a sense of his envy and distaste of successful persons he's met because you could hear it in the tenor of his words: "because I'm just so smart" or "it must be because I worked harder than anyone else."  It was like listening to an angry, jealous kid.

But, what is truly amazing about those comments is that Obama surrounds himself with all kinds of rich and successful people, like Steven Spielberg or Warren Buffet, and, without consequence, he openly puts those people down in a cheap and childish fashion.  Even more amazing than that is that our so-smart president doesn't seem to understand that there's "more" to being successful than just being smart or just working hard; and, that "more" has nothing to do with government, an inspiring teacher, or a bunch of roads and bridges. The fact is that successful people have certain traits that are even more essential than just hard work and intelligence.

Almost every successful person has a well developed sense of observation.  They always see business opportunities where others see nothing.  And, when they do succeed in those opportunities, others will often say: "Why didn't I think of that?"  But, beyond this, they are all good problem solvers.  Their problem solving ability helps them to establish goals and a pathway to achieving that vision of theirs.   Then, too, they're all risk takers; often using every ounce of money they have to achieve their goal.  Lastly, almost every successful person has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Or, in other words, they're all great salesman.  Because they have to be to sell their ideas to others.

All these skills, combined, are what American exceptionalism is all about. It's those skills that built this country; not government; not roads; not teachers.   Business didn't grow out of government; as this President would imply.  The fact is that government wouldn't exist without business.   There would be no tax revenues.  No people working. If anything, government is an impediment to business. Something Obama can't seem to fathom.

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