Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Democrats Have Always Loved to Bomb From Afar

A lot is being made of the fact that Obama is proving that a Democrat can be tough in war.  To prove this, liberals point to Obama's ordering of stepped up drone attacks in both Pakistan and Yemen.  But, in reality, Democrat Presidents have always chosen bombing over troops on the ground.  That's because bombing, despite collateral civilian deaths and destruction, doesn't have the stain of dying American soldiers.

In 1964, President Johnson instituted Operation Rolling Thunder which sent high-altitude B-52 bombers and other strike aircraft out to "carpet bomb" the border between South and North Vietnam; below the 19th parallel.  In 1999, Wesley Clark, as directed by President Bill Clinton, literally bombed the hell out of Kosovo in what was code named: Operation Allied Force.  Of course, with no troops on the ground, this action produced no U.S. fatalities; even though more than 500 Yugoslavian civilians lost their lives in the 78 days of high altitude bombing.

You see, Obama is no different than his Democrat predecessor in issuing drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen.  This doesn't make Obama tough.  The tough decision is to use ground forces to avoid civilian deaths.

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