Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Chicago Alderman Incited Violence at Trump Rally

There were all kinds of anti-Trump activities prior to his appearance at a rally in Chicago.  The left-wing MoveOn.org was at the heart of it by circulating a petition.  So was the group "People for Bernie" who support Sanders.  But, most ashamedly, Chicago politicians, too, fomented the violence that took place in Chicago last Friday night.

One in particular was 15th Ward Alderman Ray Lopez who said this just days before the planned protests at a televised news conference.
"When Mr. Trump arrives in Chicago, we'll be the first to welcome him, to greet him and then to send him back on his merry way..."
What did he think that the words "send him back" suggests.  To many who attended that protest, it implies sanctioned violence from a city official in a city that is well know for its out-of-control reactions.

I understand that many, on both the political left and the right, don't like Trump and his all-too-often controversial rhetoric.  I am one of those. But, in this country, he has a right to speak his mind and people have a right to a peaceful objection without stepping on each others right to speak. However, for an elected official to stir up what was to be an obviously large crowd and foment the potential for violence is beyond the pale.

Finally, because all too many Trump supporters now know that Bernie Sanders' supporters were at the heart of this protest, I am afraid that they may retaliate at some Sanders' event in the future, setting this whole political process spinning out of control. 


Student Petition Aims to Cancel Trump Rally in Chicago, Protests Planned: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Student-Petition-Aims-to-Cancel-Trump-Rally-in-Chicago-Protests-Planned-371279681.html

Far-Left Anarchists With MoveOn.Org and Bernie Sanders Take Credit For Chicago Political Mayhem: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/03/11/far-left-anarchists-with-moveon-org-and-bernie-sanders-take-credit-for-chicago-political-mayhem/

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