Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Climate Scientist Wanting Skeptics Jailed, May Have Racketeered Himself

By definition, racketeering is when one or more individuals engage in a dishonest and fraudulent business activity.

So, it's almost laughable that the lead climate scientist, Jagadish Shukla, among 20 scientists who sent Barack Obama and his Justice Department a letter recommending that climate deniers be jailed under federal racketeering laws, is now under investigation for possible fraudulent overcharging of the National Science Foundation for supposedly non-profit climate change work.

Since 2001, he and his wife charged that agency for work, and personally profited $5.6 million from grants to the organization that he founded and that he and his wife head. In addition, he was receiving other moneys from other climate change activities he is involved with. The inspector general for the National Science Foundation has declared that amount to be excessive.   Shukla is also a well-paid Distinguished Professor at George Mason University, earning at least $314,000 a year (assuming he hasn't had a raise in the last 2 years).  That, along with his $5.6 million bonus work certainly qualifies him for entry into the IRS' one percent-er club.

No wonder he wants climate deniers jailed.  He surely wouldn't want this cozy little gravy-train of his to be interfered with, now would he?


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