Friday, March 11, 2016

To CNN: It's the Economy, Stupid!

In 1992, Bill Clinton was able to shorten George H. W. Bush's Presidency to just one term  by coining the slogan: "It's the economy stupid!".  I think today, its still appropriate, because the liberal political class and the liberal media just don't get it.

In a discussion following Bernie Sander's unexpected win over Hillary Clinton in Michigan, the host of a CNN news and opinion show -- whose name I don't know because I was just listening to the audio - expressed her amazement that the number one issue in exit polling was the economy and jobs.  Then, she went on to state that the economy is good.  Unemployment is the lowest its been in 8 years.  The stock market is still doing well, and that gasoline prices are 68 cents lower than last year.  So, I guess in her mind all is well, and there is nothing to complain about economically.

What she apparently doesn't understand is that people outside of her own gilded life are hurting.  If the economy is so good, why do we have a record number of people living in poverty?  Why is the real median household income sitting at a level that hasn't been seen since 1986?  Why did the average weekly wage fall by $6 in February for America's more than 157 million workers?  Why more than 6000 stores for major retailers closed last year, and why another 2500 stores are set to close this year?  Apparently, CNN's hosts don't read CNN's own Money news division's commentaries about how bad things really are. (see links below).

I think show producers should get their facts straight before airing falsehoods to a national audience.  Just one of the reasons that I rarely watch CNN.


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