Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bernie, Hillary.....Have You Hugged Enough Black People Today?

Politicians have always been known to garner votes by kissing babies.  But, not this year.
 Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been chasing down black voters in order to catch them in a photo-op; proving, of course, that they are truly simpatico with the needs of black Americans. Even though 7 years of Barack Obama has done nothing for them (see referenced links below).

When Bernie met with Al Sharpton, he got this nationally published photo-op:

Hillary, not to be outdone, had to have her own Sharpton moment:

Making sure that she was as close as possible to Al.

You see, lacking the blackness of Obama, both Hillary and Bernie know they can't win the primaries or the general election without a large turnout of the black vote.

Damn, if they both don't wish they were really black!  Of course, this is not to imply that both Bernie and Hillary are using blacks for political gain.  God knows that would never happen!


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The Racial Wealth Gap: Why A Typical White Household Has 16 Times The Wealth Of A Black One:

Under Obama, Blacks Are Worse Off -- Far Worse:

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