Friday, March 4, 2016

Hillary's 'Security Review' Just Got Criminal

For weeks, Hillary Clinton, her staff, and her supporters have been claiming that the FBI is merely doing a 'security review' of her private email server and not an investigation into the legality of her using that server to send and receive classified documents. As reported by Fox, Steve Pomerantz, a former assistant director of the FBI, said that the agency doesn't do security reviews as Hillary claims.

Well, if there was any question about what the FBI is doing with regard to her emails, it was certainly cleared up when, on Wednesday, the person who set up Hillary's private server was given immunity from prosecution so he could squeal like a pig to put someone, other than himself, in jail.  That someone or someones being either Hillary or one of her staff or, maybe, a bunch of people.

Once again, Hillary is caught in  another falsehood by trying to claim she isn't being criminally investigated by the FBI.  Or, as she claims, just being 'reviewed'.  When is the lying ever going to stop with this woman?


Hillary misleading about email probe during debate, former FBI agents say:

Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server:

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