Monday, March 28, 2016

Belgium Terror Attack Exposes Major Weak Spot

Every time there is a successful terror attack, we learn about weak spots that may exist in this country as well as the rest of the world.  In the case of Belgium, we learned that a suicide bomber can take a cab to the airport; unload luggage filled with explosives; walk   up to the check-in counter; and detonate bombs killing and seriously injuring hundreds of innocent people.

The real weakness here is that no one would think twice about one, two, or three guys having heavy bags at a crowded check-in counter. Almost everyone has similar luggage,  and check in counters are positioned well before any security screening. A scenario that exists in every airport around the world.

Of course now, there are those who are advocating pre-check-in security screening.  But, what would that accomplish?  There will still be hundreds of people in lines waiting to be screened and subject to a massive bomb blast.

The only real solution to the world's terrorism problem is to be more aggressive towards the terrorists themselves.  Let's dump the political correctness.  If we have to step on some Muslim toes to sort out who's who, then so be it.  Because, if we don't, these events will become increasingly frequent, and free societies will become even more disrupted than they are now.

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