Friday, March 18, 2016

Stop the 'Stop Trump' Silly Talk

First, let me say, I am not of fan of Donald Trump.  But, I do think that his ego is so big, he would do everything possible to try and become the greatest President he possibly could.  Whether or not that would be as a conservative or as a liberal, I don't know.  And, quite frankly, I'm not sure anyone knows what a Trump presidency would actually look like when it was all said and done.  It's because of the latter that the mainstream establishment Republicans are trying to stop him with their various 'Stop Trump' movements.

However, what really bothers me about the 'Stop Trump' movement, is all the silly talk that some establishment members engage in when contemplating Trump being the actual nominee.  Some say they will just sit out the election.  Others, like Romney, say they will vote, but write in another person's name on their ballot. Even more extreme, others say they would actually vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders instead.  Really?

All these people call themselves conservatives.  Yet, by not voting; or writing in another choice; or voting for an opposing liberal, is not conservatism.  It's insanity!  Doing any of these things would surely put Hillary or Bernie in the White House.   Is this what conservatism is now all about?


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