Monday, March 7, 2016

DiCaprio, The Hypocrite, Grandstands Climate Change at the Oscars

Alright, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar for his leading role in the movie Revenant.  But, instead of just accepting the award, he, like many others at that event, felt compelled to give us a lecture. His was about climate change; calling it "the most urgent threat facing our entire species."  Of course, days earlier he had given another speech at the Paris Climate Change Summit where he stated that climate action ‘requires all of us to make real changes in the way we live our lives’'.

The problem with DiCaprio is that he never practices what he preaches.  You see, Mother Nature must have given him a special dispensation when it comes to polluting the world with CO2.  That's because this climate change lecturer flits around the world in a his own private jet.  In one 6 week period he took that toy, back and forth to New York six times. Often, he uses a charter helicopter to avoid all that city traffic. He also blasts thousands of pounds of CO2 into the air keeping his 5 mansions cooled and heated year round.  Then, when he vacations, there is no limit to the number of island retreats that his private jet will take him.  Once there, there is always a CO2 spewing mega yacht at his beck and call; including David Geffen's 454 footer where he relaxes by playing basketball on the deck in Cannes.

Ah, yes.  We all should do whatever is necessary to fight climate change.  You save the species. Save the world. Of course, if climate action demands real changes in our lives as DiCaprio tells us, then I can only imagine how restrictive Leonardo's life has become now with "only" one private jet, megayachts, helicopters, and 5 mansions.  It reminds me of President Obama dragging Air Force One to Hawaii for vacation(s) along with the back up Air Force one and three massive Cargo Jets holding dozens of escort vehicles.  At least Jimmy Carter had the sense to wear a sweater after he told Americans to save energy by turning down their thermostats. 


DiCaprio's Oscar speech cringe-worthy for some advocates of climate-change action:

Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio tells UN Summit: Climate action ‘requires all of us to make real changes in the way we live our lives’:

Rich climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio has a fancy gas-guzzling yacht, and that's (mostly) fine:

Solo sailor! Leonardo DiCaprio cuts a lonesome figure as he mills about aboard his 450ft superyacht in Cannes:

Source of SuperYacht Picture:

Travelling light, Obama-style: 20-vehicle convoy, SWAT team, Air Force One and nuclear codes accompany him on holiday:

Eco-Tips: Jimmy Carter's Sweater : TreeHugger: asked us all to take a simple step to save energy: turn down the thermostat, and put on a sweater

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